Top 5 Reasons Why SEO Is Better Than PPC

In this digital landscape most online businesses are competing with one another to achieve and retain Google page 1 ranking for higher visibility. There are scores of marketing ways to get increased traffic, leads and sales and SEO and PPC are the most popular online marketing strategies among them all. Many businesses are in caught in two minds when it comes to select between SEO and PPC.  Perhaps some insights on both of these two types of digital marketing campaigns will help you understand which one yields more sustainable result in the long run.

SEO is a long-term search engine marketing process in which websites are optimised to get top Google ranking for targeted keywords. SEO provides businesses with a constant flow of organic which results in more leads and sales.

PPC, on the other hand, is used by established businesses to get on top of search engine instantly. The process involves paying money to secure ad spaces on top of search result pages. Businesses have to pay for each and every PPC campaign and sometime require hefty budget to pay for highly competitive keywords.

Between these two internet marketing types, SEO is the better choice for a range of reasons. Here are 5 top reasons why you should keep SEO as your primary digital marketing weapon and use PPC once in a while when you need quick result.

People are weary of paid advertisements

With years of experience of going through search result listing, users now can easily distinguish paid adverts from organic results.  People immediately go past those paid search results that come with a small box written ‘ad’ inside it. Most people tend to click on links on the organic search listing as they find those websites more credible and serve them better in terms of the searches they make.

SEO garners high quality leads

If your business is put on top of Google organic search result through properly implemented SEO services, there is higher chance of getting genuine leads that you can convert into sales. By using SEO you can improve the quality of the content of your website so that users find them useful and keep coming back again to your website. SEO also keep the keywords optimised for search engines so that when people make search with those particulars keywords your website will show up first. Since these queries are genuine, SEO definitely make sure that the clicks to your website are of superior quality and you in turn will enjoy higher conversion rate.

SEO helps build trust

One of the chief reasons why SEO will always remain the winner is the trust that it instils in users. Websites that get to the top of Google organically leveraging SEO are invariably considered as trusted and useful by users.  Top websites on search engine result pages for a particular search are considered as the authority websites and most users click on these websites to get the best information for their searches.   SEO helps impress search engine algorithm by optimising contents, keywords and images and get websites on top. And this helps build trust of the users in these websites in turn.

SEO is less expensive than PPC

Another reason why SEO is preferred to PPT is it is lot cheaper. Small and medium businesses with limited budget find SEO lot more productive in the long run. PPC in comparison costs lot more and the expenses increase even more for competitive keywords. Your online marketing expenses will be lot less if you resort to SEO instead of PPC.  The cost of managing and executing SEO campaigns is well within the budget of all business owners whereas PPC campaigns incur lot higher costs.

Higher click through rates come from SEO

Websites that reach the top of search engine result page organically are more likely to receive more clicks than those websites that get to the top position by paying for PPC advertisements. Therefore, SEO is way more effective when it comes to get high click through rates.  Even though PPC can put a website on top, it fails to attract high click through rate because most users steer clear of paid search results.

5 staggering stats why SEO remains better option than PPC

  • 77% of users prefer organic to paid results
  • 67% users pick products and services from organic search results while making a purchase
  • 8 times more clicks are likely to be generated by SEO than PPC 
  • 45 times less costly is SEO compared to PPC
  • 85% more traffic is likely to be brought by SEO than PPC

3 advantages of opting for SEO over PPC

Great flexibility

SEO campaigns come with a lot of flexibility.  You can mould your SEO campaign according to your marketing needs. SEO is multi-dimensional as well whereas PPC is one-dimensional and there is not much of flexibility available when it comes to setting up a PPC campaign.

Broader scope for integration

Most online businesses are leveraging the immense popularity of social networking sites to get more customers. Social media marketing has proved to be very productive for aspiring business owners across the world. The advantage of opting for SEO over PPC is the former can be integrated with the social media marketing strategy. Email marketing services can also be optimised for search engines to get better results. Similarly, blogs and ebooks can also be SEO rich and contribute towards high search engine ranking of a website. PPC on the other hand works independently and cannot be integrated with any other form of online marketing techniques.

Better utilization of referrals

When it comes to getting online referral SEO is much better option than PPC.  Since online referral is a proven way of increasing traffic, most businesses choose SEO over PPC for online referral.

In a nutshell, SEO is more effective as a means of online marketing than PPC. It costs less and websites can achieve and retain higher organic ranking position for a longer period of time. Once you establish a robust SEO campaign in the most ethical way possible, it will continue to yield results. Unlike PPC, SEO doesn’t require continuous finding to make websites perform well on search engine result pages.

As a business owner it is crucial for you to make the right choice between SEO and PPC to ensure long-term business growth. This blog has made an attempt to give a comparative study about these two types of digital marketing campaigns you understand which one is better between SEO and PPC and why.

Your easy guide to the concept and function of search engine optimization

Among all types of internet marketing techniques, search engine optimization is the most cost-effective one.  Essentially search engine optimization technique which is popularly known as SEO focuses on driving maximum traffic to those websites for which it is applied. Search engine optimization plays an instrumental role when it comes to getting high ranks with all of the major search engines.  So this is what search engine optimization in a nutshell.  Let’s elaborate on how SEO actually functions.

How does search engine optimization work?

Search engine optimization works in different ways. First of all, SEO tricks must be obedient to the rules and regulations of search engines when it comes to optimizing a particular website. Here some definite methods on which search engine optimization works.

Website analysis and keyword research

A thorough and regular study of the entire portal is essential for search optimization. By analyzing a website you can identify unproductive regions and make marketing plans accordingly to get higher ranking and better traffic and sales in the process.

Building links to other websites

Another effective way of search engine optimization is to build quality links to and from your website. It is always beneficial to get links from portals that are ranked highly with major search engines. This is how a useful portal can potentially boost the traffic of your own portal.

Search engine friendly website design

Apart from these methods, search engine optimization makes use of lot more methods such as website design. To perform well on search engines, a website needs to be designed in a search engine friendly manner as well.

Having a website map page consisting of links to all the web pages of the portal also helps search engine optimization process.  Likewise, having an online blog on the portal that offers information about the company also helps improve results of search engine campaigns.

Search engine optimization help visitors find a site

Regardless of whether you have a portal to sell products or services or to gain revenue from those who are willing to advert on your portal or simply you want to reach out to people through your portal; you would invariably want people to find your website at ease.  Unlike an immensely popular website with very high brand value, most portals resort to search engine optimizations to bring in increasing amount of traffic.  Visitors usually look up to search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing to find a website. So, it goes without saying that the better your portal ranks with search, engines, higher is the chance of getting found out by visitors.

SEO enhances search engine visibility

Search engine optimization is well and truly a tried and proven trick to boost the web presence of your portal. Visitors make different types searches on the internet such as; local searches, media searches and so on. Depending on the type of searches, there are varied search engine optimization tricks available as well.

How can you use SEO techniques to your benefits?

First of all you need to determine what you want to achieve with your website. Once you know the chief purposes of having your own portal, you can decide on the right search engine optimization strategies.  On the basis of those SEO strategies, you would look to find the right ways to get the desired result.  You can get in touch with individual search engine optimization professional if you want to promote your amateur website. But if you have a professional website, it is better to get in touch with an online marketing company.  Here are some sure-fire ways to use SEO tricks to improve search engine visibility.

  • First of all, you have to make sure that there is no negative aspect in your portal that can stop search engines from indexing your website.
  • Secondly, you have to concentrate on the content of your website.  You have to revise the content of your website to influence the result on your website.
  • You should refrain from repeating a single phase umpteen times in the content section of the web pages of your portal. Instead, you should focus on coming up with relevant and good quality content with a particular phase mentioned once or twice.
  • One of the most effective search engine optimization techniques is to get links from other site. Sites that are linked to your portal will also improve your search engine rankings remarkably.
  • Quite similar to the pervious pointer, content of your website should appear attractive and trigger excitement of visitors of your targeted marketplace.

Both content and effective SEO tricks are indispensible when it comes to the success of a portal. You need to combine these two in right proportion for successful search engine optimization campaigns.

What types of SEO tricks need to be avoided?

Search engine optimization professionals should be restrained from using unethical techniques such as article spinning or keyword stuffing. These techniques are aimed to manipulate search results and not at all appreciated by search engines.  Websites that use such tricks are usually penalized or even blocked by search engines.

You should also not overdo even if you apply right and ethical SEO techniques.  Going overboard will cause more harm than good.  So you should use SEO tricks optimally and look for the good quality content for your website. It is not difficult to understand what search engine optimization is and how it works and once you get a god grip on it, you can use it for the benefits of your websites.

Why SEO is absolute must for Australian Business?

Gone are the days when consumers visit brick and mortar stores to buy products and services, go to railway stations and airports physically to purchase tickets. With the advent of Internet, now everything is just a few clicks away. Consumers can now place an order online, book tickets online and what not. Online businesses are here to stay. The importance of having a robust presence cannot be stressed enough when it comes to running a successful business all over the world including Australia. And this is where SEO comes into play. It is now an undeniable fact that SEO goes a long way in flourishing Australian businesses. Regardless of if you have a business in Perth or in any smaller cities in Australia an effective SEO Perth strategy can help you stay ahead of competitors.  Having realized the potential of an effective SEO campaign, nowadays most businesses are resorting to well-planned SEO strategies in order to gain robust digital presence.  If you run a business in Sydney and not yet have come in terms of SEO, you might wonder what good exactly SEO services in Sydney can do to your business.

What can SEO do to Australian businesses?

Developing a business website to showcase what you have to offer simply doesn’t suffice.  If your website is not visible on search results it cannot attract visitors from the market you target, all the resources that you have put in behind creating your business website will be in vain. A proper SEO campaign can put your website on top of search engine ranking page and help you found out by more customers.  The higher your website ranking is, more traffic it is likely to drive.  By increasing your online visibility, SEO can help you connect better with your existing clients to retain them, engage with prospective customers, get increasing amount of quality leads that can turn to your long-term customers.  In a nutshell, SEO helps business in Australia have an edge over their competitors which is vital for small and medium business owners.

Why is search engine ranking important?

According to that stats derived from the consumer behaviour on search engines, over 75% people don’t go past the first page of search results. Hence, your website won’t yield much value in terms of revenue growth if it features on 2nd or 3rd search engine result pages or even beyond that. There it doesn’t make sense to build a website and place it on the web if it is optimised properly for search engines like Google.  A properly optimised website can perform lot better in terms of driving traffic, leads and sales. SEO campaigns are beneficial in many ways than traditional marketing ways. Here are some of the advantages of turning to effective SEO services in Australia.


If effective search engine optimisation techniques are implemented properly it works lot better and costs lot less.  Apart from being cost-effective, SEO services in Australia for your business can also provide you with valuable information about behaviours consumer so that you can tailor your offerings accordingly.

High conversation

Rightly carried out SEO campaigns also deliver higher conversion rates. When you optimise website and content for particularly chosen keywords, your website will receive relevant traffic from your target market. Relevant traffic also increases the chance of conversion. High conversation rate trigger higher sales. So, SEO does help improve business revenue.

Enhanced brand identity

Another advantage that small and medium Australian businesses can gain by turning to proven SEO melborn strategies is it promotes your brand authority. Enhanced brand identity is critical to the success of a local Australian business.  Especially, there are thousands of start-ups, small and local, small businesses that consumers are not aware of. With growing brand identity people will start trusting your brand’s authority and eventually become long-term clients.

Scope of SEO in Australian business

According to a survey done on more than 500 small Australian businesses most Australian companies are yet to achieve satisfactory online presence.

  • 16% of all small Australian businesses have high digital presence
  • More than 35% small Australian businesses don’t have online engagement at all or have very little.
  • Small and medium Australian businesses with effective SEO strategy experienced 20% annual business revenue increase.

SEO is essential for all online Australian businesses

Right and regular application of effective SEO techniques is the future of flourishing online businesses in Australia. With a properly run SEO campaign, you can grow your Australian business without having to spend a fortune. Unlike traditional modes of marketing SEO services don’t cost much in helping your brand reach out to your target market and also to enhance your brand value as well as your brand awareness.  Thus SEO companies give Australian businesses the much-needed impetus to stay moles ahead of their competitors.  Professional and experienced SEO professional can well and truly fillip the growth of an Australian business by enhancing its visibility online and garnering relevant organic traffic that promises high conversion rate.  So it is high time that you make a move with a strong SEO strategy and transfigure your business.

If you have understood what wonders can SEO do to your Australian business and ready to jump on SEO bandwagon to make your established business thrive even more you can get in touch with us for free quotes of SEO packages available with us.

What is Search Engine Optimization and how does it work?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO, I am sure that every website developer have heard about this term at least once in their life. This is not a rocket science. This is just a simple process that has been made to send signals to search engine to let Google index rank your page. Still confuse?? In simple words we use SEO to enhance the rank of a website. Technically,SEO is use to get larger amount of visitor to a website by ranking it on the top of the search engine.

SEO is available in two different stages.

  • On-site SEO– This is simply what we do for a website. The effort we are giving to Fincrease the visibility of our website is called On-site SEO.  Basically the structure we provide for the website to be a SEO based website is called On-site SEO.
  • Off-site SEO– Besides the structure we provide to increase the rank on a website, there is another way to make it. There are different websites who provide there links to your website for advertisement. From trust and dependency, this kind of links is coming. Google also consider those trustworthy website on the top of search engine list and this is called Off-site SEO.

The fun fact about SEO: When we give exam we get score right??? Here the concept is also same. Google gives score to the websites and the ranking is being decided on the basis of that.

Top 5 Aspects of a Website that Google Consider

Google have special mathematical algorithm to detect the number of visitors. Google count every visitor and make the ranking accordingly. The main motto of this ranking is to provide the best website that people are looking for.The algorithm gives score in different category. On the basis of the categories the rank is being decided.  The categories are….

1. How unique and innovative the website is?

Fist let’s take an example. Suppose you run a clothing line and your website is also related to that. There are so many different companies who maybe have the same website and your website describe the items like them and you never show the uniqueness of your product. Google never consider this kind website at the top of the search engine. Because you are using same keyword same description nothing is special. Google loves isolated content. To overcome this challenge provides different kind of facts, information, offers etc. This was just an example. Just make sure your website contains some unique contains. Show Google your website is different from other websites. Research and make some innovative moves for you website, Google will never disappoint you for sure.

2. How many sites link to your site?

In today’s era, to be in the race, you have to be socially popular. Google shows most visited sites on the top of the list means the most popular sites win the race. You have to assure Google that your site is the most popular one. For that you just need to follow some simple rules. Make some group of people and ask them to show your product. The customers, who bought from your site, ask them to take a picture and upload that on your website.  Ask them to give a review on it.  Positive review can help to link other people to your website. More links means your website is more trustworthy. Google never underestimate trustable websites. Get other popular website to link to you. Get popular vendors, wholesaler, clients, and customers and prove that your website is highly demanding to Google.

3. How trustworthy your site is?

Another important thing, how trustworthy your website is.  Google doesn’t show any random website on the top of the search engine list. It shows the premium website when people search a particular one. Google trust only trustworthy websites. How you will make you website trustworthy?? If you are genuine then you don’t need to worry about anything. People automatically trust you and give you a good review. That’s enough to be a trustworthy website in Google’s eye. Show the love and excellent reviews people gave to you and that’s it.

4. Does Your Website have relevant keyword?

The most important thing for the SEO is to selecting keyword. Keywords are the main mantra that can make your site “the most visited” one.  Choose keyword as you are the customer who is looking for the most popular, most visited website. Suppose you are looking for a T-shirt. What you will search?? Best quality T-shirt online or Buy T-shirt in best price online etc. These are the keywords you can use if you are running a T-shirt brand like Best Quality T-shirt, Best Price T-shirt etc. A very simple thing you need to follow. Think you are a customer and how you will want things what you are looking for. You will get the keywords very easily.

5. Structure of URL and simple design.

  • Make the structure of the URL simple so that it’s easier to find them. Try to provide more information in URL about the article. To find effortlessly, create shorter URL. Provide top most keyword to the URL.
  • Best optimized websites are those who have simplest and flexible design.  The website should be responsive to any device. On all size and type of devices, we can operate easily. Google love mobile friendly devices.

SEO is just a simple process. This is the process to provide your website a platform to perform and provide a great website to the search engine. A searcher is always searching for something unique and trust worthy. To inform them how innovative your website is, you always need the help of SEO. Give some effort, know the keywords, properly, provide genuine information, let the people talk about you and you are done.  By this Google will love to show your website on top of the search engine. So if you want be on top of the list, you have to know SEO very well.

6 killer SEO Steps to prepare your website for Google in 2019

SEO trends keep evolving with each passing year. If you have long been running SEO campaigns for achieving Google page 1 position you know how hard it is to get there and harder it is to stay there. SEO is all about preparing your website for major search engines like Google in every possible aspect. Here are 6 winning SEO tips that have proved to be most effective in 2018 to gain Google’s favour. By following these sure-fire SEO steps, you can improve your search engine ranking and more importantly increase organic traffic and qualified leads to your website.

1. Understand what SEO is all about

To implement best SEO practices, you first have to understand the very purpose of optimising websites for search engines. Essentially the reason behind optimising websites is to impress and convince search engines like Google that your website is the most relevant answer to users’ search queries. If you think from your potential customers’ perspective, you will see that all that a user wants is the accurate answer to what they ask Google for.  When a search is made which relevant to your website, Google want your website to provide the user with the exact data that user is looking for. If you can provide that, Google will naturally put you in a better positing which will increase your ranking and therefore, your online visibility.


You can act as a user from your targeted market and make a search with the keywords that you optimise in your website and what results Google is providing. You can get a list of your competitors that show up on Google search result for the same set of keywords you are working on. This will help you come up with even better SEO strategy to outrank your competitors.

2. Check the functionality of your website

Before you implement your SEO strategies, you must ensure that all technical aspects of your website are flawless. You have to make sure that all the essential features like calculator, contact forms and download options work smoothly. You should also check mobile responsiveness of your website and also test its functionalities across different browsers. You should find out pages without content that show 404 errors. You also have to find out pages with broken links and remove or fix those. All these aspects contribute to higher search engine ranking.


Apart from these major aspects of your website you also have to keep an eye on the some subtle elements that also influence ranking of your website. The following are the features on your website that you have to optimise as well;

  • URLs
  • Meta descriptions
  • Alt-tags

You have to ensure that meta titles and descriptions on each of your webpage and alt tags of the images reflect the content of those pages and trigger excitements in users to make clicks.


Speed of the website is also crucial to get Google page 1 ranking so you have to increase the speed of the website as much as possible which will enhance user experience as well.  Security of the website is also instrumental in making Google convinced about the trustworthiness of your website. So, if your website is not yet a SSL certified one you have to get your certification done to make sure that your website runs on a secured channel (https).


3. Get content ready

Content still remains the king in any SEO campaign in 2018. So, you have to optimise contents on your website. The key to proper content optimisation is user-centric content. All of the contents on your website should have adequate information to answer all the queries of your potential customers. Here are some facets of your website where you have to come with unique, original and engaging contents.

  • In the ‘About Us’ section of your content you should clearly state who you are and what you do
  •  In the ‘Contact Us’ section your address and contact number should be mentioned clearly
  • You have to provide detailed description of your product offerings which includes materials, specifications, colours, return and shipping policies
  • You should encourage your satisfied clients to leave reviews which will act as testimonial content
  • Create separate pages with quality contents for each service and product your business offers
  • Highly attractive contents that highlights why your offerings are better than that of your competitors. You have to focus on value proposition to compel users to turn into your customers
  • Pay attention to video contents – come up with video demonstrations on how your products work
  • Write top quality website copies that show your in-depth knowledge in your niche and share your contents with attention-grabbing headlines on social media outlets

You have to be well aware of the objective of writing every piece of content.  You have to keep in mind what your target market wants to hear and what message you exactly want to get across. This will help you to come up with relevant contents rich in information. You should aim to write more niche-specific content so that your target audience get the best answer for their queries.

4. Make your website standout one

Consumers go through multiple websites to select the best one for making a purchase. So, you have to prepare your website in such a way that your potential customers consider it to be the best one for them to place orders. To make your website a distinguished one, you need to highlight all the key benefits that your products and services offer. What makes your offerings different than that of your competitors? Are your products and services unique in terms of features or they come at the best prices in the industry? You need to mention all these and come up with a comparison of yours and your competitors’ product review so that consumers can easily figure out why your offerings are better.  And, while mentioning these facts, you need to make it look attractive. To engage the attention of your targeted market you need to use headlines, sub-headlines, bullet points and eye-catching images.

You should also come with a value proposition of your product or service. You have to focus on making your offerings appear unique and capable of providing your customers with those benefits that your competitors cannot offer.

5. Feature only high quality images of your company and products

Visually attractive images go a long way in convincing consumers to buy what you sell. Regardless of what you sell, you need to come up with best pictures of that and incorporate those on your website. If you sell products, your product images must be clear and high-resolution one. In case you sell services, your website should contain pictures of your latest staffs. Consumers always prefer to deal with business with brick and mortar office.  So if you have a physical office you should integrate images of your office on your homepage or on ‘about us’ page to increase credibility of your business.

6. Keep an eye on your SEO performance

Last but never the least important SEO step for you is end to end evaluation of your SEO campaign. You have to track those metrics that are most relevant to your business.  By assessing these key performance indicators or KPIs you can make sure that your website is properly prepared for your Google.

Search engine rankings of keywords

You need to see how all keywords relevant to your business are performing on search engine result pages. This will help you understand how visible your business is online.

Organic search traffic

One for the foremost reasons why you prepare website for Google is to get increased organic traffic. So it is crucial that you measure the organic traffic that your website receives from search results.

Organic page visits

You should also keep a tab on the amount of visit your web pages receive from organic searches. You have to make list of your top-performing pages and mention the traffic of those pages month on month.  If you notice improvement in traffic you can rest assured that your website is well prepared for Google and if traffic decreases you may have to reconsider your SEO strategy.

Time on page

Similar to page visit, the amount of time that your website visitors spend on your web pages is crucial to successful optimisation of your websites for search engines like Google.  By keeping track of average time on web pages you can also understand how engaging your website content is.

Quality and quantity of backlinks

Backlinks are instrumental in fetching high search engine rankings of your website. You need to make sure that your website is getting links from only quality sources. By using various backlink measurement tools, you can keep a track of the number of backlinks your website receives in a particular period of time.

Bounce rate on mobile devices

One of the top priorities of business owners these days is to come up with mobile responsive websites to gain favour from Google. Since majority of the users now access internet through their mobile devices, your website must run smoothly, load quickly on such devices. You should try and reduce bounce rate and increase user engagement to make sure that you are not missing out on potential customers.

Social likes and shares

You should also keep a tab on what kind of responses your social posts are getting. Whenever you make posts on social networking sties you can gauge the effectiveness of your posts by the number of likes, shares and mentions they get. If you find users responding well you can provide them with more of what they like.


Finally, you have to assess what return you are getting for all your investments in SEO campaigns. By measuring your ROI you can also evaluate which SEO strategies are most productive in terms of increasing your lead and sales conversion rate.

These 6 SEO steps can get your website ready for Google. By implementing these 6 pointers you optimise your website well for Google and gain high quality leads. Go ahead and make use of these winning tops to come up with a website that promises highest conversion and maximum ROI.

Top 10 Quick & Easy SEO Steps for Small business in Australia to improve Google ranking

Essentially SEO stands for search engine optimisation and as the name suggests it is a process of optimising websites to get better rankings on search engine result pages. SEO involves a wide range of tricks and strategies and the end result boosts websites ranking performance for relevant keywords.  The reason why SEO services in Australia is highly sought after now is online businesses are now increasingly popular and all business owners seek to win Google page 1 ranking.  A successful SEO campaign results in a steady flow of organic traffic and leads which businesses in Australia seek to boost their business turnover. However, SEO is a long-term process and small businesses in Australia might find it difficult to hire a professional SEO Australia company. But there are some quick, effective and easy SEO services in Australia that they can make use of to get on Google page 1 and have a flourishing business. If you run a small business in Australia you can make these 8 SEO steps which will help your business thrive.


Ensure your website is technically sound

Each and every website is built upon a technical foundation and the success of SEO services depends on them. You have to make sure that all these technical elements of your website such as site speed, redirects, security, robots.txt, XML sitemap and the likes are properly completed because search engine keel all of these elements into account while determining ranking for your website.

2. Get quality backlinks to boost domain authority for your website

You can improve search engine ranking of your website by creating high quality backlinks naturally. You just need to locate established and authoritative blogs and websites in your business niche and put a link in those high quality posts.  By building long-term relation with leaders in your business domain you can secure high quality organic backlink to your website. You need to check the domain authority of the websites from which you want to get a backlink. The higher the domain authority of the website, the better is your chance of getting Google page 1 ranking.

3. Create a blog section on your website

Blogs go a long way in establishing your business as an authority in your niche. Therefore you should create a blog section on your website to share useful contents, tips and advices with your customers. Blogging is far more effective than email newsletter when it comes to attracting and engaging target audience. Blogging is a great SEO step as it helps convince search engines like Google that your website is the most relevant one to the searches made by the users and earns high search engine ranking in the process.

4. Provide a regular supply of valuable content

Apart from blogging, you should also enrich your website with high quality unique contents in the form of articles and videos. And you should also update contents on regular basis to gain favour from Google. Search engines value those websites more that keep users engaged with useful and relevant content.

You should also incorporate social media buttons on your website so that users can share your contents on their profile. This will not only expand your outreach but also enhance brand value of your business. And, when you feed your website with high value contents, you should also optimise those contents with those keywords that your target market make searches with to improve the relevancy of your contents and blogs. All these will contribute to high Google ranking of your business website.

5. Make your Meta data attractive and keyword rich

Meta data are precisely titles and descriptions that work as the synopsis of a particular web page of a website that appear on search result pages. You need to use keywords and make these Meta data attractive for users.

6. Optimise website with most popular keywords

It is highly important for the success of any small business SEO in Australia campaign to optimise your entire website with most popular keywords. Most popular keywords are those that come with maximum search volumes and reflect intent or action of the buyers. You should also use such keywords in H1 and H2 titles of your contents, in the URLs of each and every web page and also in alt tags of images to generate a steady stream of quality organic traffic to your business website. While selecting keywords for your small business SEO you should focus on local keywords. Questions like key phrases are also great ways to bring in your prospective clients to your website.

7. Do internal linking

You should interlink your home page with inner web pages that attract less amount of traffic. Through interlinking you can be able to pass the domain value from the homepage to less important pages so that the change of earning high Google ranking also gets brighter for those inner pages as well. And, you should also complete the HTML sitemap of your entire website.

8. Get your website featured on Google My Business listing

Getting featured on Google My Business listing is a significant aspect of small business SEO in Australia. Local SEO is instrumental for small businesses to achieve top Google ranking. Once you make a business profile on Google My Business listing you are providing Google with adequate information so that Google can put on top of search result pages for searches relevant to your business. Claiming Google My Business listing is very simple and quick process. All you need to do is put some basic information like address, contact no, working hours of your business.

9. Optimise for mobile devices

With the huge boom of mobile internet, most consumers nowadays access internet on the go. This is why your website must be responsive to all types of mobile devices so that it can provide your potential customers with flawless user experience. Mobile optimisation is a great way to boost Google ranking as search engines reward those websites that respond best on desktop, laptop and mobile devices. If this sounds complicated to you as a small business owner you can simply resort to WordPress or similar tools that have responsiveness automatically incorporated in them.

10. Monitor your website through Google Search Console and Google Analytics

Now that you know the SEO steps that you can make for your small business in Australia, you must also monitor the progress of your local SEO Australia campaign through latest SEO tools. You need to incorporate Google Analytics and Google Search console on your business website to check keyword performance of your website, amount of traffic that your website receives and also the demographic of the users that visit your website.  It is crucial that you keep a track of the SEO steps that you make for best Google ranking.


These are the top 10 easy yet effective SEO steps that you can make to earn high search engine ranking for your business website. You should also ask for reviews from your satisfied customers. Users do look for positive reviews while searching for their desired products and services. If your small business receives positive reviews or feedbacks from real customers it will instil trust among consumers and influence them to avail your products and services.

Many small business owners steer clear of SEO Australia as they think it is too complicated or expensive. However, all the 10 SEO steps mentioned above are simple and inexpensive. So, get started with your small business local SEO campaign today and get top Google ranking for your business website. Once your website achieves high position on search engine result pages, it will automatically increase number of traffic and leads to your website and ultimately improve your bottom line.

How to Develop & Manage Your SEO Budget in 2018?

Determining SEO campaign budget can be tricky. Usually, as you increase the budget the better is the outcome. With better investment, your website will also rise faster in organic search results. However, the tricky part is the effectiveness of a SEO campaign does vary from one business to another. What’s works for your neighbour’s business might not yield the same result for your business as well. Hence, your neighbour’s SEO budget doesn’t necessarily be yours too. But, the type of SEO services you need and the kind of result you seek depend largely on your SEO budget. So, SEO budget is something that you have to develop and manage very carefully.  Up front, here are 5 insider tips to help you set up your SEO budget in 2018.

Understand your limits

Let’s face this. You can determine the budget for your SEO campaign only when you know your limits. For example, if you are the owner of a small business or an entrepreneur with limited amount of cash, your allocation to SEO campaign would be limited as well. Alternatively, you can reduce your budget for other marketing efforts to increase your SEO budget. But, if your cash flow is truly appalling, there surely be a hard stop top the amount of money you can invest in your SEO endeavours.

On the flip side, if you have extra money to fund your SEO crusade, it will be even more confusing to decide how much money you should exactly plough into your SEO marketing program. So, knowing the limit is the stepping stone of setting the right budget for SEO campaigns in 2018.

Determine your goals

The second step of gauging the right SEO budget is to determine what you actually want to accomplish through your SEO marketing efforts. Is it the traffic or the sale or more local visitors on your website or do you just simply want to wipe some specific competitors out of the competition? Once you determine what you are aiming at it will help you not only understand exactly how much money you have to plunge into but also in what type of SEO services you have to provide capital. For an example, if you want local traffic in your website you have to invest in local SEO and if you are eyeing at more revenue, you have to put money in SEO keyword ranking services to get high ranks for keywords relevant to your business.

Weigh up your options for SEO service resources

Now that you know how much money you can lay out on your SEO activities and the particular reason for your investment, you can start mulling over the resource options for your SEO propaganda. Generally, there are three options for you to choose from;

1. Hire an in-house SEO specialist

You can better control your SEO campaign by hiring someone in-house, but it will narrow down your options when you will optimise your approach in the long run.

2. Get the work done by freelancers

This will cost you least among all options but a freelancer cannot guarantee you the result you seek out of your SEO efforts.

3. Hire an SEO agency

This will cost you most among all options but the probability of getting the desired results will be much higher.


Check visibility of your website

Your SEO budget will also depend on the number of elements that influence visibility of your business. The lesser elements you have the more you will have to shell out in your SEO marketing program.  If you are yet to optimise title, description of the pages of your website for mobile devices and if you don’t have existing content marketing strategies, you will have to pay lot more than if you already have a strong SEO strategy to increase online visibility of your website. To cut your SEO budgets short you can hire interns or can utilise spare time of your current employees in SEO activities as well.

Zeroing on SEO budget

Finally, when you know how much you can spend, where exactly you have to spend and why do you want to fund your SEO campaign, you can determine your SEO budget more efficiently. To be on the safer side, you should start with a mid-range allocation to fund your SEO campaigns.

You SEO budget in 2018 will also depend on the below-mentioned aspects of your business

  • Duration of online presence of your company
  • The severity of the competition for your niche keywords
  • The SEO budget of your competitors

To establish the right SEO budget in 2018 you should also keep account of your SEO performance in 2017. By doing retrospection of your previous year’s performance you can set up your SEO budget in 2018. If you were happy with the outcome of your SEO campaigns last year and want even more this year you can increase the budget. If you think your investment didn’t garner desired result you can curtail the budget and focus on most crucial and essential aspects of your SEO propaganda.


Now that you have gathered some idea on how to develop an SEO budget 2018, you should also decide on which aspects of SEO campaign you should utilise your SEO budget in 2018.

Content marketing

Content still remains one of the chief aspects of any SEO campaign and require a lion’s share of your funding. Here are the most important facets of content marketing where you should allocate your money.

Originality and quality of the content

Simply put, you need to provide a good amount of capital for generating high quality engaging content for best SEO result of your website. It makes better sense to spend more money on less number of contents so as to put more stress on quality rather than quantity. You should be ready to shell out more money to create contents of superior quality as it will brighten your chances for getting best return of your investment in SEO campaigns.

Content promotion

Promoting contents through social networking sites, press release sites and advertising is as important as generating top quality compelling content. By sharing good content you can earn good backlinks which requires investment. By spending money on content promotion you can enhance the brand value of your business. So, content creation and promotions should take a good chunk of your SEO budget in 2018.

Video content

With increasing popularity of video content, now it is all the more important to invest a fair share of your SEO budget to promote and share video contents of your website to reach out to your targeted audience.

Mobile friendliness of content

With the mobile internet boom now more users access internet from their mobile devices rather than desktops and laptops. So, you have to lay out money on making your content mobile responsive.

Backlink building

Earning quality backlinks organically is still an integral part of any SEO campaign. A good proportion of your SEO budget must be allocated to manual backlink creating campaign to get high-value links to make your website an authoritative one in your niche.

Make the most of your SEO budget in 2018

Now that you know how to develop and manage your SEO budget in 2018, you need to spend your money well to make your SEO crusade worthwhile.  In case you want to adjust your budget later on you can easily make changes to your SEO propaganda. While spending your well-planned SEO budget you have to make sure that your chosen in-house SEO consultant or hired SEO company carry out your SEO campaign efficiently so that you can stay ahead of your biggest competitors.

6 winning SEO Tips for audience in Australia

If you want your website to be the first choice destination of your targeted Australian audience, you have to invest in SEO. SEO is the right way going forward when it comes to increasing organic traffic and sales online regardless of which part of the world you are from. But if you want your website traffic coming in precisely from Australia, here are 6 actionable SEO tips for you. These tips are the most effective for all aspiring businesspeople based out of Australia.
<h2>1. Speak your customers’ language</h2>
SEO is essentially about getting high rankings on search engine result pages and getting more traffic that converts in leads and finally into sales. To gain more traffic your website has to rank on top of Google and also win the trust of consumers in your targeted market. So you need to understand the needs of your potential customers and act accordingly. You need to make your website ready to cater to your clients’ needs. The best way to optimise your website and getting rewarded by search engines like Google is to become a source of authentic information and quality services and products that your target market is looking for.


You can do this easily for free by researching on most frequently used search terms by your target audience. Once you get keyword suggestion you can use them tactfully without violating search engine guidelines in your website copies. This will not only give what your customers want but will also impress Google as your website has become a resourceful one for searchers.

2. Get your website design right

To impress Australian audience it is vital that the design of your website is unique, creative and professional.  The design must communicate the message that your brand wants to get across. Here are some killer pointers to design your website for successful search engine optimisation.
<li>Users must be able to navigate throughout your website effortlessly</li>
<li>Keep the design user-centric and not too bizarre which will put your users off and force them to leave your website sooner</li>
<li>Use attractive logos, images and design your website with nice colours and graphics to capture the imagination of your target audience</li>
<li>Keep the layouts well-structured and move the ‘call to action’ sections where it will get maximum attention</li>
<li>Keep your ‘on sale’ products at the most attention-grabbing sections like the home page, pop-up, side bar and mobile phone’s menu bar.</li>
<li>Use easy-to-read font and select the best size for users and also use contrasting colours for the content and background for better readability.</li>
<li>Incorporate those elements on your website that will increase trust and credibility of your brand or business. For example, you can integrate customer reviews, logos of partners and clients, certifications and media mentions.</li>
<h2>3.  Make your website mobile responsive</h2>
A mobile-friendly website goes a long way when it comes to optimising websites for Australian audience. This is why you have to prepare your website fpr those that have access your website through mobile devices. Here are some sure-fire tips to increase mobile-friendliness of your website.
<li>Keep check-outs shorter and simpler, integrate 1 click check-out for existing customers; you should do this to improve user experience.</li>
<li>Allow check-out completion from another device. You can ask users that leave check-out midway to use shopping cart and complete check-out later from any other device</li>
<li>Incorporate ‘Call’ button on each and every web page of your mobile website.</li>
<li>Provide precise information – just what your users want to know and nothing more!</li>
<li>Ensure your web pages load very quickly on mobile devices to lessen bounce rate and capture maximum traffic.</li>
<h2>4. Create a blog section and make regular posts</h2>
One of the most effective SEO tricks is blogging. Websites that make blog posts on frequent basis are far more likely to get more traffic than those websites that don’t invest in blogging. If you include blogging in your SEO campaign you can reap many rewards. Your website can become an authority in your niche and connect your targeted marketed with your brand or business if you deliver compelling, engaging high quality unique contents in your blog posts that prove to be highly useful for your audience.

<h2>5.Focus on social promotion of your website</h2>
While organic SEO strategies work well to prepare website for Australian audience, you should also look for other ways of optimising your website. You can promote your website by leveraging the ever-increasing popularity of social media. You can make valuable contents of your website shareable on social networking outlets. For that you have to incorporate social media buttons on your web pages. You should focus on that social platform which is most relevant to your domain while sharing blogs and contents.

You should also look to engage with your users by thanking those who share your content and replying to the comments made on your social posts. You can make use of various advanced tools to schedule your social posts this way you can not only save time but also can be more consistent with your social media activities which will help your brand reach out to more people that find your offerings useful and most likely to become your long-term customers.  However, there are scores of social networking sites out there on the internet, but you have to be on only those sites where your target audience is active.
<h2>6. Evaluate your SEO campaign performance</h2>
Now that you have become aware of and have implemented al core SEO tricks to capture your targeted Australian audience, it is time to assess the outcome of your SEO crusade. Here are some of the most important metrics that you have to consider while determining the success of your SEO propaganda.

<h3>Search engine rankings for most relevant keywords</h3>
First you have to shortlist those keywords that are most relevant to your website. Then, you have to keep a track of the ranking of those keywords on search engine result pages on monthly basis. This will help you understand your position in your competitive market.
<h3>Page visits every session</h3>
If the content of your website is useful for your targeted market, users will spend more time and visit more pages on your website.  You should also insert links to your content so that users can get more information from your website. Page visit is a vital metric which you should not ignore while evaluating your SEO performance.
<h3>Check how many users get back to your website</h3>
If users keep coming back to your website you can rest assured that your website is delivering just what your target audience wants. This will help you make your website an authoritative one in your domain. If visitors don’t get back to your website you would have to make your content more relevant and also make sure that you have reached out to the right audience.
<h3>See how fast your web pages load</h3>
The faster your website loads, is better your website is optimised for search engines and users especially those who access internet from mobile devices. Your website must open quickly and flawlessly be it on desktop, laptop or any mobile devices.
<h3>Page and Domain Authority</h3>
Domain Authority and Page Authority are crucial metrics that help predict a website’s rank on search engine results. You can improve the DA and PA score of your website by providing top quality contents. You should keep a track of these scores and compare it with that of your competitors’ websites month on month and see if your website gets better in terms of these scores or not.
<h3>Keep a track of conversion rate</h3>
One of the most important SEO metrics is the conversion rate of your website. If the conversion rate increases, your SEO tactics have proved to be effective. This will make you confident of your SEO strategies and you can continue with that. In case your conversion rate falls, you might have to reconsider some of the SEO tricks or you may have to enhance the quality of your contents.
<h3>Rate of retaining customers</h3>
If your rate of retaining customers is good your website is well optimised for Australian audience. Getting new customers is costlier than retaining existing ones. So, once you establish a solid relation with your customers you should make efforts to retain them for good.

These are the top 6 SEO tips to optimise your website for Australian audience. If you can translate these tips into action you can keep your targeted Australian audience engaged to your website. This in turn, not only improves your Google ranking but also can bring in a steady stream of organic traffic with guaranteed higher conversion.

10 killer local SEO tips in 2018 for your business

Local SEO is particularly important for small businesses as these businesses are looking for customers on a regional level. Essentially local SEO services focus on achieving ranking for location-specific keywords. Local SEO strategies aim to garner leads and customers from a particular region. Local SEO helps smaller businesses compete with large companies with since the SEO tactics are more relevant to local consumers. By carrying out successful local SEO campaigns you can surpass even famous brands. Effective local SEO services involve in broader keyword optimisation and brand recognition and can bring in a steady stream of organic traffic . With each passing year, local SEO is gaining prominence. So, here are 10 insider local SEO tips so that you miss out on a substantial amount of qualified leads.


Creation and Optimization of Google My Business Account

The first and foremost thing you need to do is featuring your business on Google My Business listing. By claiming your business on Google My Business, you can establish a strong online presence. By listing your business on Google My Business, you can further make your website appear on Google maps. You also have to optimise your Google My Business account to get ranking for relevant searches on all types of devices. With Google authentication, your business can also show up in the sidebar space of Google search result pages. To optimise your Google My Business account you have to make sure the following;

  • You have to get your account verified
  • You have to provide accurate information and have to keep the information updated
  • You have to mention operation hours of your business, your company logo, available payment methods
  • You also have to mention all of the services and provides that your business offer with plenty of clear images of the same
  • You have to generate useful content in your account
  • You have to ask your happy customers to leave positive reviews about your business

Get positive reviews from your satisfied customers

You should also request your happy customers to write reviews on the products and services they purchased from your business.  A positive review works like personal word of mouth recommendation and goes a long way in increasing your online sales. Reviews also strengthen your Google My Business account and help optimise your website to get better ranking on Google search result pages. Here are some proven tips to encourage your customers to write reviews about your business.

  • You can request them for review right after closing a sale.
  • You can make a list of your satisfied customers and send them texts or emails to leave a review
  • Once you receive reviews you should respond to those in a professional manner. In case of positive reviews you should thank them and request them to make purchases again. In case of not so favourable review you should address the issue and assure them to evasive actions to fix the same.

Voice search optimisation

You have to optimise your website for voice searches as it is increasing in leaps and bounds. Voice searches are different in nature compared to searches made through typing. People use more long-tail keyword when they make voice searches. So your local SEO tricks should aim at optimising contents for questions like queries that start with who, when, what, where, how etc. While optimising your website for voice searches you should keep the intent of the user in mind.  More often than not, people look for particular information when making voice searches, so your local SEO techniques need to make sure that the answers to such queries are instantly available.

Creation of local News, stories or event based content

To grab the attention of the local customers you should create useful contents related to local events or activities. You should come up with blogs about local news stories. You can also videos about local events that your targeted local audience would love to read. Web pages of your website should be location-specific in case your business targets multiple regions. This local SEO step will help your website get ranking for location specific searches.


Mobile optimisation of website

Your local SEO campaign should focus on optimise your website for all mobile devices. Local traffic from mobile devices comes with the best buying intent. So, optimising website for mobile devices can be very productive. Here are some significant SEO tactics for mobile optimisation.

  • Make sure that your website loading time is minimal
  • Make sure flawless UX by providing intuitive UI
  • Make optimal use of images and copies
  • Be precise in conveying information
  • Use bigger fonts that are easier to read

Focus on local keywords

Pretty obviously, your local SEO should focus on optimising your website for local keywords relevant to your business. You should come up with location-specific keywords and use them in URL, meta tags and contents.  Along with keywords for specific locations, you should also include hotspots and landmarks of particular regions.

Create location-specific “About Us” page

If your business serves multiple regions you should incorporate location pages on your website with the following set of essential information;

  • Address, phone number, and name of your business
  • Individualised store description and business hour
  • Promotions and testimonials
  • Attachment of Google map on every location page
  • Unique content for each location page

If your business serves only one location, the “About Us” page should consist of locally relevant information.


Utilise online business directories

One of the most effective local SEO steps for your small business is featuring your website on business directories online like Yelp, MapQuest. By mentioning your business details on these directories you can improve the visibility of your business. Your business listing should comprise of the following details;

  • Accurate information of your business name, address, and contact number. And, this information should be consistent in all online directories.
  • A backlink to help users land upon your website
  • An attractive description of your business

Acquire high-quality backlinks

Even for local SEO, backlink generation is one of the keys to get top Google ranking and increased amount of organic traffic.  Here are some insider tips to gain high quality backlinks organically;

  • Generate unique and engaging content on your website so that external websites would want to get linked to your website.
  • Post guest blogs on reputable and authoritative websites
  • Make engagements with local influencers in your niche through email or on social media to get backlinks

Create Web pages for all of your product and services

You should create separate web pages for each and every service or product that your business offers. This will help your website as an authority for multiple services or products. And the same applies if your business serves multiple locations. You should create multiple location pages even if you don’t offer different products or services.

Local SEO is fast gaining prominence

For the success of any business especially smaller ones, local SEO is instrumental. By implementing these 10 actionable local SEO tips, you can optimise your website effectively for local searches, gain Google page 1 ranking for most competitive keywords and enjoy a flood of organic traffic to your website with high conversion rate and boost your business revenue with increased online sales.