What is SEO and how is it important? The main reason why websites must include SEO is visibility and to increase organic traffic. These services are often provided by SEO specialists and agencies including individual freelancers for a certain fee. When you hire the services of an SEO agency or SEO expert you expect the services to include all aspects of SEO that will improve the traffic to your websites gradually.

How is SEO important?

Most searches of websites occur through search engines and that is where search engine optimization comes in. For your website to be found by the major search engines, first you need to have your website indexed by them and then ranked high.

Facts about search engines

It is easy to set up a website and let the traffic flow in naturally without your efforts, but chances are, there are many outlets or websites with similar themes and topics as your own. This leads to the struggle of the fittest. So the search engines’ crawlers will decide based on hidden algorithms what page should be ranked high. Website owners must strive to implement best SEO practices for a chance to rank high or even to appear on the first page of the search engine results. It is therefore important for a website to capture the attention of a search engine for a certain keyword or search query. Search engines improve their search algorithm regularly to ensure it gives searchers the most relevant info as much as possible.

The following are some of the most important ranking factors used by common search engines:

Content: Content is king, that is the most common saying doing rounds in the world of SEO. And it is true about SEO. At the bare minimum, most search engines strive to provide searchers with the most relevant search results for search keywords. That is why in most search instances, wiki pages come on top because they provide trustworthy and comprehensive content to the users. Search engines will analyze content looking for freshness, relevancy, and use sophisticated algorithms to determine how to rank these pages within a fraction of a second.

User experience: User experience is a factor search engines are not taking lightly. Your website may have great content but users face difficulties reading your content because of poor layouts, unresponsiveness, and more. Users will quit your page with reduced chances of coming back again. Search engines take user-friendliness seriously and therefore rank pages with responsiveness and user-friendliness higher. The following are some of the factors that count when we talk about user experience:

  • High page speed
  • Mobile-friendly websites
  • little or no pop-up messages
  • And seamless navigation

In summary, users need to easily navigate your website, easily read your content and have the flexibility to consume the contents of your website over the mobile phone. This is extremely important because mobile devices are exponentially increasing and take the majority of the traffic.

Technical SEO: There is no distinct faction between user experience and technical SEO. Technical SEO involves the best web development practices that lead to improved speeds and metadata optimization and much more.

Backlinks: Search engines analyze the links pointing to your website and if your content is amazing and many people are referred to it through user feedback, you have chances to rank high.

Choose only reliable search engine optimisation companies to work on your website.